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The Journey to the Center of the Pile o’ Shame

When I was younger, I LOVED(and still do, mind you!) videogames, but I never really had that many. My family wasn’t rich so the drip of games in the gaming bucket were few and far between. That meant I had to play the same games over and over; playing the same levels thousands of times over in a chaotic fashion. I have vivid memories of resetting Super Mario 64 about two-million times after rescuing Princess Peach from the third incarnation of Bowser – which now thinking about it, was a very anti-climactic string of boss fights. Also, I have played the PS1-version of Spider-Man the 2000 game so much that I have a photographic memory of every recorded line of dialogue in that game. Don’t even let me get started on Halo: Combat Evolved; I’ve played that game so much, that I broke three copies of that game.

Now as an adult, I have a metric fuck-ton of videogames. It’s almost embarrassing how many videogames I own and have never even touched!  If memory serves correct, I still have three games that are sealed in their packaging, like Crazy Taxi 2 on the Sega Dreamcast. A large reason why I started this blog was to try to reduce that Pile o’ Shame down to nothing. I have made a promise to myself to purchase only two more games which are Bayonetta 2 and HaloThe Master Chief Collection and after that I am gonna try to go cold turkey.

A problem for me is that I got infatuated with the collecting aspect of games and less-so about the games themselves! My Steam collection is a serious mess. According to Steam, I have 383 games – which I think is a tad inaccurate because it includes DLC, but still that is an absolutely insane amount of games! So, a solution to this problem would be to blast through them all and finally climb to the top of the Mountain o’ Shame and plant my flag of completion at the peak, right? Yes, of course, but I am going to take my sweet time with every game and give it an unnecessary amount of attention. As a budding videogame developer, I think it is a good trait to be able to carefully and patiently analyze each game and notice their triumphs and short-comings; some are less obvious than others and thus I will slowly burn through the filth that is the Pile o’ Shame.

Also, I want to play through games that I have played to death as a kid and, with a game developer’s eye, try to see why I loved them so. I am tempted to make an Excel sheet and list every single game I want to complete and put it as its own tab on this website. I realize that this will take a long time, so that idea is still up in the air.

Until next time!


O Brave New World

It’s time to wipe the dust off of this tomb and strike some life into the lifeless. Welcome to Pimp Daddy Love Muffin! I call it PDLM for short, and I am using this as a moniker for my presence online. My name is Randall and that is all I care to divulge about who I am personally. Now, I am not an English major, so my writing will not be as perfect as I want it to be, but I’d like to think of it as a work in progress!

I love videogames and this blog will mainly be about that and anything that piques my interest. You see, I have many, many, many videogames and it has become a problem. My pile o’ shame (A.K.A. unfinished games) is so high that hopefully making this blog will incentivize me to eliminate the pile. I am not going to promise anything, but I will attempt to at least publish an article once a week.