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Halo 3: Sierra 117 & Crow’s Nest on Legendary

March 30, 2015

My hunch so far was right. Legendary difficulty is nowhere near as bad as the previous Halo titles! Starting with Sierra 117, I noticed that I start with an Assault Rifle and a Magnum pistol.  Both are completely useless for this level. The Assault Rifle doesn’t have enough punch (although I did kill a Hunter with one) and the Magnum doesn’t have a scope, so its range is absolute garbage. I tried using my old strategy of picking up a Plasma Pistol to remove the Brute’s armor, but I am finding out that is pretty useless in Halo 3.  In Sierra 117, I think I died just a few times. Mostly because of … wait for it…Jackal Snipers! Yes, these little fuckers are back with their uncanny ability to kill you in a single shot. Bungie did however make the snipers have a slower reaction time, so you have an opportunity to wipe out the Jackal before he murders you again…and again…and again…I shudder at the thought of replaying Halo 2’s Metropolis with its 15 snipers in a single firefight.

As for Crow’s Nest, I completed the level without dying once. I just carried the Battle Rifle and the Covenant Carbine through the entirety of the level. I honestly don’t even know how I made it without dying! Even better when I beat the par scores for both missions!

Maybe playing Halo 2 on Legendary retroactively made Halo 3 easier?

Not really. Tsavo Highway is a different story for another day.


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